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The NULJ renewals process takes place each autumn and is your annual opportunity to update your library details and the list of titles you are willing to share.

Member libraries are emailed in October and asked to update their details by the 4th December. The NULJ database will be updated by January. We recognise that libraries often make decisions about their subscriptions for the coming year in the autumn, so we ask for a snapshot of your intentions at that time. Uncertainty about future holdings shouldn't delay your NULJ renewal. Amendments to the database can be made throughout the year.

What you should do in October and November:

To ensure a smooth renewal process:

  • Find your PLCS code in the table below and download the two files next to it (save). One will contain your library details and the other will contain your current NULJ journal holdings.
  • Check the contents of your saved files and make any amendments.
  • Do not rename the files or alter the formatting

Submitting journal holdings information:

Please include between 10 and 15 titles or as many titles from your collection as you wish. You should have at least 3 years holdings for each title. From 2011 we would appreciated libraries including unique or specialist titles not currently available within the NULJ as this will add to the diversification of the database. If you wish to include all or most of your library journal holdings, this will also be acceptable.

Only add in the notes field what you want to be visible in the database e.g. PDF available.

Please enter journal titles in the following format:

  • All words beginning with a capital letter.
  • All titles written in full, with no abbreviations.
  • The word ‘and’ should be used instead of ‘&’ even if part of the offical journal title.
  • No punctuation, even if part of the official journal.
  • Please use (US) or (UK) as a geographical indicator where necessary.

Submitting library details:

  • Give your full library address and as much contact information as possible.
  • Give your full organisation name.
  • Give full finance department and their organisation details. This may be different to the library host organisation.
  • Please enter ‘True’ or ‘False’ to the columns headed: Requests by phone, requests by fax, urgent fax, requests by email.

Return your files to with your PLCS code and the word 'renewal' in the subject line by the 5th December. Please return them to us even if you have made no changes.

Contact us if you have any questions about your NULJ renewal, quoting your PLCS code in the subject line.