The Psychiatric Libraries Co-operative Scheme (PLCS) is a UK-wide network of libraries who provide document supply and loan services to mental health and social care professionals. Membership is open to both specialist mental health libraries and those whose users include staff working in these areas.

Prospective members are required to offer relevant journal titles to the Scheme and it is helpful if these are ones which are under-represented in or currently absent from the listings.

A flat-rate membership charge is levied (currently £150.00 per annum) and is payable in advance. The Scheme is a reciprocal one and no charges are made between libraries but use of the resources of the Institute of Psychiatry Library (book loans and photocopied articles) incurs separate costs which are calculated on a library-by-library basis and added to the annual invoices.

Features of the Scheme include self-updating of journal holdings via the Administrative part of the website, immediate e-mailing of requests with the on-screen form, a bulletin board and a ‘traffic-light’ system to inform members of the availability status of other library services. Access to the website is password- protected.

If you are interested in applying for membership or require further information please contact

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